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Action Awaits La Pulga, Spain coach: Argentina Not Only Messi

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Action Awaits La Pulga, Spain coach: Argentina Not Only Messi - Total Football

Lionel Messi, fot0:

INDOPOS.CO.ID - the Spanish national team will host Argentina national team on Wednesday (28/3) morning at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Madrid Spain. These two strong teams clash presents certain epic match.

Interestingly, in addition to scramble prestige and become a dress rehearsal before the World Cup stage Russian Action 2018 Argentina superstar Lionel Messi, touted highly anticipated debut. Because in the previous test match against Italy, Argentina was reinforced Messi twisted because a thigh muscle injury.

This time, La Pulga nickname-Messi- certainly included in the squad which carried off by Jorge Sampaoli to Madrid. Even Messi looks also started practicing with the Argentine national team.

"At the moment, Messi trained normally with their teammates. If there is no risk, he will play," Sampaoli told The Sun.

Although the world public, especially residents of Argentina sincerely hope Messi can play and be a predator to the Tango team. Spain coach Julen Lopetegui said that if the power of Argentina is not reliant on Barcelona star was the figure of a course.

"Argentina is not just Messi, but they have some good players and so the determinant of the direction of the game. It will be a proof for our party," said Julen who hopes Argentina will perform all out to face his team.

Argentina hand, asserts Sampaoli put on high alert to the Team Matador although this time his team could be reinforced one of the world's best players.

"They (Spain) are the best at this time, so they definitely know how to play and try to win the game," said Sampaoli quoted FourFourTwo.

Sampaoli did not dismiss other than a test for his team how to deal with a strong team. He said the meeting with Spain will be a test in itself for him how could mix together a strategy for sharp play Messi.

"The match with Spain will be a test of its own for you to how to work with Messi, we must learn to look for the best composition to him," Sampaoli said. 

Messi deserved anticipated action when uniformed Argentina. Because so far, if dikomparasikan, Messi is sementereng in Barcelona when appearing to defend his country.

So because of that, meeting with Argentinian Matador team will be a concern himself to Lionel Messi. How proofs as yahut class striker and could bring his country to the throne of the world.

Apart from special attention to the figure of Messi, seen from both teams head to head, both are equally strong. Spain two wins and Argentina also won twice when met with duni cup champion 2010. (RVN)


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